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This is what we have so far....but there is more coming!

Channel 30, WAWS TV

Has this little ditty on the project (you have to watch the ad first.... bummer)

Jacksonville Daily Record

Reports on the second installation in Main Street Park with photo

The Florida Times-Union

Post pictures of the Galleries being installed

The Cultural Council of Jacksonville

Cultural Council sends out this press release for the Pop-Up-Galleries

Jacksonville Daily Record

Mentions the Pop-Up-Galleries with photo

Spark One

Spark one talks about the "Pop-Up-Gallery" project being a Tipping point.

Arbus Magazine

Arbus does a photo essay on the Red Chairs

Jacksonville Daily Record

Max over at Jacksonville Daily Record did this article on some of the ArtInStrangePlaces projects.

Arbus Magazine

Cinda Sherman at Arbus Magazine has been a huge supporter of the "Cool Place" project and helped kick it off in this issue of Arbus. The clues are subtle. Check out pages 6, 49 and 79.

Thanks Cinda!