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We are centered in Jacksonville Florida and are feeding off the huge art community here.

The idea is to promote creativity (actually it is to have fun). So the deal is to get people together and yang out some projects that might normally not been done.

Stay tuned... it is not going to be boring.

What projects are going on now?

Main Street Park: this project is about putting on a variety of creative events in the heart of downtown Jacksonville.

Art in Strange Places - August 2011 from varick on Vimeo.

Stickers: "This is a cool place!"... is a yang to get people thinking and talking positively about Jacksonville.... a launch pad for things to come. We live in a cool place with a huge group of cool people and we should be thankful. Our city is what we make of it and we are making it Great so talk it up!

So far we have printed over 12,000 stickers. They are free (unless you want to be a sponsor) and are handed out to anybody that wants one. If you like Jacksonville then get one and Stick it on something!

Videos: as part of the "This is a cool place" project we are taking videos of people around town talking about why they think Jacksonville is cool. Pretty interesting to hear what they say. It really is a great place and you can hear why others think so.

Pop Up Galleries: The idea here is to design and build structures so creative groups can display art in outdoor public areas on a rotating, temporary basis. The structures are inexpensive and easy to build and we plan to spread them around town in vacant lots and parks.

This project is just getting started and still in the development stage. The designs have been completed and some spots have been chosen. We have approval for the placement of some and are in the approval process for many more. So far the response from the creative community has been outstanding and many artist have already contacted us to sign up for a gallery. If you have a group of creatives that would be interested, contact us on Facebook or send us an email.

Paint the Town: This one is a real stretch...but hey, that will just make it even better. More info when we get farther down the road.

The Future: That is all we can tell about right now but other ideas are brewing and there is alot going on. Jacksonville has a huge, enthusiastic creative community and what they are about to do is very exciting. Tell us what you are up to, let us know what ideas you have...get involved!


We will try to keep the web page updated as often as possible but it is kinda boring sitting in here staring at this computer screen so the best way to keep up is check in here. This is updated daily, others get involved and comment (so your not just listening to us), and you also get to see the videos and all that stuff. Check it out.